Speed, Speed, Speed

We are fast! With downtime costing small businesses an average of $8000 per hour, you must have a business continuity strategy that will not only restore your data but also your applications, databases and infrastructure quickly, as in NOW.

Thanks to Infrascales’s patented Duplication File System(DDFS), we’ve got you covered.

We don’t let DOWNTIME cripple your business

Be Boot – Ready in Minutes!

You work too hard to worry about Ransomware, Server Crashes, Dataloss, and other downtime. You deserve powerful, simple and scalable Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Your tailored Total Disaster Recover Backup lets you enjoy choice and control that is as comprehensive as the big players at a small price.

Local, cloud or hybrid – we’ll walk you through all the possibilities and help you choose what is right for you. We will never recommend a solution you don’t need.

Keep It Going

When the worst happens, you don’t have to wait for the problem to be fixed before you can continue operating.

With Total Disaster Recover Backup, your physical and / or virtual servers are continuously replicated and hosted to a second location allowing you to virtualize and spinup applications in as little as 15 minutes. We recover it all, now!

Unparalleled Affordability

We equip you with affordable fail over and data protection. Normally, to achieve such high, convenient security, you would need to build a secondary server and hire an IT team to manage and test your system-expensive.

As partners of Infrascale, we can share and manage an established disaster recovery service for a price business like yours can afford. At the push of a button, you get a world-class IT team.

State Of The Art

Thanks to Infrascale’s commitment to innovation and quality, we can share the most modern, sophisticated and easy Disaster Recovery available-accessing, corporation-quality services for smaller businesses.

Start with what you need now and add on later – without an appliance amendment or disruption to operations. We help you achieve the right performance / scale / cost trade-off. You get the best!


  • We save your bacon! Know the benefits of Infrascale’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS)

  • Anything can happen. Be Prepared.

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